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Young Kitty

I’m running behind again on the next chapter for “Year 2038 Bug” so it will be next month before I have the chapter ready. I am writing about Brian and his daughter Deidre and after writing most of the chapter it doesn’t feel like the right path so I need to do a rewrite. I am also working on another project, which I am close to finishing part of it, and I’d like to complete my writing on that so I can then focus more on my book in progress. I want to see if I can get caught up and build up a buffer, if I can get two chapters done I will publish both of them next month.

Respecting Differences

Over the last few years I’ve been learning about autism by reading books and following people on social media who are involved with the autism community. I have been exposed to many different perspectives from parents of autistic children, caregivers and autistic adults. There are many unique viewpoints, ranging from autism should be cured to autism is just a different way of thinking, which reinforces the idea of an autism spectrum.

Mural of Egyptian Pharoah and Egyptian symbols

Notes on Writing: 2038 Timeline

Time for another chapter for my book in progress, “Year 2038 Bug”. I had a nice surprise while writing this chapter, the text flowed smoothly and I didn’t experience a blocking problem when capturing my thoughts. While I have felt the need to set up background for my story in the last few chapters, they have been harder to write and pull together. It was nice to get back to some action in the story and I’m happy with how things ended up.

Delay in Post for "Year 2038 Bug" Next Chapter

I have finished the writing for the post today, the next chapter in my "Year 2038 Bug" book, but I need to finish editing before I put it up. While this is a rough draft version, I would like to smooth it out a little bit before posting. It should be ready by Friday, for those who are reading along with the book. This chapter is a little more exciting and I've had fun writing it.
Check back on Friday for the new chapter.

New Year, A Walk in the Moonlight

A new year is starting up and I was planning to write a clever blog about not writing new year resolutions. Then I read one, two, a hundred other blog articles about not writing resolutions, so much for that clever idea. My next idea was to write about setting goals for the new year until I saw the articles about setting goals and guidelines instead of resolutions. Apparently there are some common themes with writers at this time of the year.

Party hats and noise makers

Christmas Eve 2017

Somehow, in spite of my best efforts, or possibly my worst, it is Christmas Eve, again. There is a box of Christmas cards, waiting to be signed, addressed and stamped. There is a Christmas tree and the stockings that are hung in our living room but the decorations for the rest of the house, not so much. As far as a clean house, well, I’m not the best housekeeper during the rest of the year, it’s probably best to not think too much about the clutter that is strewn about. Or the cat toys that I keep tripping over.

Notes on Writing: How Not to Outline a Book

The latest chapter for the Year 2038 Bug is up on the website so time for another set of notes about my writing. This time I’m answering a question about how I plan my writing and the books I work.

The short answer is that I don’t plan or outline my book, I just let the words flow until they run out. However, I do have a climactic scene in mind as I write and a lot of what I do is find out how my characters ended up at that point.

Seeing Things in a New Way for the Holidays

It’s December, the peak of the holiday season, filled with hustle and bustle, a new to-do list along with all of the every day tasks. A magical, fun filled time of year, filled with mirth, merriment and melodies or at least that’s what TV Christmas specials and commercials show us. Yet, it all seems like a distraction, a shiny object designed to pull our attention from the world around us to some  idealistic world that never really existed.

Updating My Blog Schedule

I have developed my blog schedule for the next three months and it is reassuring to see that I have kept my schedule for several months. This last month was the first time I've had a challenge in coming up with articles but I still came through. It helps me to see my list and encourage me to keep going.
Now to share the list with my son so he can help by taking photographs for me. It's fun to see what he comes up with based on my ideas and share it with others.