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Notes on Writing: Throwaway Chapters for Works in Progress

Later than I wanted, but I finished my edit of the next chapter of the "Year 2038 Bug" novel. It is posted on our website, link below.

This was a tough chapter to work on and I'm not sure if it will stay in the final book. I did find the writing better than I remembered but it is very rough and I allowed myself to preach too much in this chapter. However, I needed to write this down so I could define a character's motivation for moving forward. I found out some things and I have a better idea of how the character, Gabrielle, will react in the future.

Thanksgiving 2017

Here in the US, it is Thanksgiving eve and I am fortunate to enjoy some time off from work this week. I have been catching up on chores around the house while relaxing, which has been a nice change. I’ve also been thinking about Thanksgiving and the meaning behind the holiday. I am thankful for the home my family and I live in, having good friends to share good times with and the good health of my family and friends. I also enjoy seeing posts from others who are recognizing and being thankful for the people and prosperity in their life.

Fire Hydrants

Fire Hydrant by Bush

I was driving into work one morning, my mind wandering, and for some reason I focused on finding the fire hydrants in our neighborhood.  As I drove I started to worry, because I didn’t see any fire hydrants close to our house. I finally saw one, protected by a small brick wall, then another and another. I normally don’t think about fire hydrants though it is an important part of our infrastructure.

A Reminder to Play in Between Work

Normally I would publish another chapter of my serial novel but I have not finished the next part yet. I wanted to spend a little more time on this chapter to smooth it out and time got away from me. I will see if I can finish it up in the next week and publish next Thursday as an extra post. Instead this post is about our cat so I can post egregious pictures of him.

Cat on Stairs

Hair Cuts and Time

Many years ago, I started giving haircuts to my husband and son.  Our finances were tight and I found a tip about saving money by giving haircuts at home.  There was an initial investment in a razor with attachments but it paid for itself quickly. The razor set also had instructions for a basic haircut, which helped. My son was a toddler at the time who found it hard to sit still. He also did not like the sound or feel of a razor, which made it challenging to do a haircut in one sitting for him.

Random Thoughts about Random Events in the World

After reading about the shooting in Las Vegas I felt numb. And yet, after the last month, with hurricane Harvey, Irma, and Maria, flooding in other parts of the world, and other world events, it also seems like 'Oh well, just another day in a sucky world now, too bad, so sad, I've got other things to worry about.'

Notes on Writing: Story Background

This will be a short note, it is getting late and I need my sleep. I have finished up the initial section of the book which presents the main characters and the initial story. This next section is made up of flashbacks for the main characters and provides some background for ideas that I describe in the first section and will continue to use in the rest of the book.