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Hair Cuts and Time

Many years ago, I started giving haircuts to my husband and son.  Our finances were tight and I found a tip about saving money by giving haircuts at home.  There was an initial investment in a razor with attachments but it paid for itself quickly. The razor set also had instructions for a basic haircut, which helped. My son was a toddler at the time who found it hard to sit still. He also did not like the sound or feel of a razor, which made it challenging to do a haircut in one sitting for him.

Random Thoughts about Random Events in the World

After reading about the shooting in Las Vegas I felt numb. And yet, after the last month, with hurricane Harvey, Irma, and Maria, flooding in other parts of the world, and other world events, it also seems like 'Oh well, just another day in a sucky world now, too bad, so sad, I've got other things to worry about.'

Notes on Writing: Story Background

This will be a short note, it is getting late and I need my sleep. I have finished up the initial section of the book which presents the main characters and the initial story. This next section is made up of flashbacks for the main characters and provides some background for ideas that I describe in the first section and will continue to use in the rest of the book.

A Quiet Sunday Evening at Home

It's a Sunday evening, and I'm enjoying some quiet time after a somewhat busy weekend. The quiet is unusual, I can usually hear a TV, my son bouncing around the house or some other noise but all is quiet, for the moment.
Yesterday, my husband and I were working in the yard, cleaning up some items and taking care of a mouse/rat problem in our tool storage area outside. Baking was finished for the week, and it wasn't my weekend for house cleaning, so it was nice to spend some time in the yard, I don't do that often enough.

Imperfect Parenting

In less than a week, we are releasing a book about life with our autistic son. The project started as a recommendation from a friend. The original intent was to share our challenges as a family and give an inside look at what life can be like with autism. While we’ve worked on the book, I have also thought about my own reasons for publishing our story.

Geese with Baby Goose

A Positive Story about Autism

I would like to share a positive story about my son. He is 27 and he has always been interested in visual activities, such as drawing, building with Legos, photography and making movies. He likes to make up stories and when he was younger he created an entire world based on Lego Bricks. At that time he was unafraid to share his stories and I helped him to create a website with information about his creations.

Notes on Writing: The Antagonist for the Story

Time for another chapter of my story “Year 2038 Bug” and this chapter ends the introductions section of the book. I introduce the antagonist, more commonly known as the villain and show a little bit of her reasons for shutting down all of the electronic devices in the world. There will be more character development for her in the story, this is an introduction and setting up some of the concepts for what has happened and what the protagonists of the story will need to fix, somehow, someway.

Author Reading for "You Don't Want to Go For a Ride": Our Family's Journey with Autism

I am pleased to post a video of John and I reading from our book "You Don't Want to Go For a Ride", I thought people might enjoy an author reading.

Also, a reminder about our Goodreads Giveaway, you can sign up through September 4th for a chance to win one of two autographed proof copies of our book.

Author Reading Video

Goodreads Giveaway

Summer Outings 2017

Summer is almost over and I remembered I have pictures from some of our summer activities. Posted below, some pictures from the Padres game we attended in June, the Palomar observatory we visited in August and big clouds that were generated during some of our extra hot weather. No pictures of the eclipse, I'm afraid. My camera just wasn't up to the task and the pictures were too bright.

Large Clouds on Summer Day