Year 2038 Bug - Posting First Chapter for Novel in Progress

Time for another post. We have been busy in the last few weeks. We received the proof copy for our next book, "You Don't Want to Go For a Ride" and John has finished reviewing it. I need to make some corrections and re-upload the cover and content. I will also start generating the files for the ebook version at this time.

In the meantime, I will start posting the chapters of a fiction book I am working on, "Year 2038 Bug". I will be publishing chapters each month as I work on the draft. This is an experiment for me, to see if setting this deadline will help me to finish working on the book. I have three chapters written, with the first two edited. I have an outline in my head for the next five chapters, now I need to figure out how to get them written. Once I get started writing the chapters I suspect it will go quickly

Disclaimer, the story will be rough and I suspect there will be parts that are rewritten, thrown away and new content in the final version but I wanted to see how this might do.

Here is a link to the first chapter, Year 2038 Bug First Chapter, I hope you enjoy it.