Chapter 16 from "Doing the E.T. Tango: Dancing with the Universe"

One more chapter from the book, in this chapter, the team has a close call with a drone and the FBI agent Steve Jenkins continues to get suspicious about what is really going on with the fossil hunting team. Only one more week until you can read the rest of the story of the search for alien artifacts.

"Doing the E.T. Tango" - Introducing Steve Jenkins

While the team is looking for a way into the Army base, government agencies become interested in them and their activities. One of these government agents is Steve Jenkins, an FBI agent that gets interested in what Ellen and Bill are really looking for. In this scene from the book he and his partner Duke Feltman meet with Bill to remind him to do the right thing if they find fossils on government land.


Legends of Wyoming for "Doing the E.T. Tango" - The Legend Rock Petroglyphs

There are many instances of artwork created by pre-historic people around the world. In the Big Horn Basin there is a site called Legend Rock that has petroglyphs carved into the surface of a cliff. The earliesdt carvings are estimated to have ben made around 11,000 years ago and they are considered some of the oldest rock art in North America.

Places in Wyoming featured in "Doing the E.T. Tango" - The Big Horn Basin

View from Beartooth MountainsThe novel Doing the E.T. Tango: Dancing with the Universe takes place in the northwest corner of Wyoming. This area is called the Big Horn Basin. While the focus of the novel is on Ellen, Bill, Tim and Charlie in their search for alien artifacts, this area of Wyoming is a rural area that provides a remote backdrop for the story.

Chapter 9 from "Doing the E.T. Tango: Dancing with the Universe"

Here is another chapter from John's book. In this chapter Ellen's team is attempting to get rid of the BLM agent surveying their land. Ellen, Bill and Tim have some fun annoying the BLM agent John Brady while they pretend to look for fossils. In one more week I will post Chapter 16, which describes how the group will have to deal with drones flown by the military around the area. And only two more weeks until the book is released on Amazon and you can find out what happened with Ellen, Bill, Tim and Charlie in their search.

"Doing the E.T. Tango" - Introducing Tim Morrison

Ellen Goodwin's team needed a gadget guy to help them get into area 47. Bill Regal's friend, Tim Morrison, provided the expertise and hardware needed to accomplish that task. Here is a short introduction to Tim. On November 26th read about Tim and his role in helping to look for alien artifacts.

Legends of Wyoming for "Doing the E.T. Tango" - The Little People of the Big Horns

Most of the action for the book Doing the E.T. Tango: Dancing with the Universe takes place in the northwest portion of Wyoming. The book tells the story of a group trying to break into an Army base to recover proof of an alien landing and the government cover-up. As far as I know, there is no secret base and no alien spaceships or bodies hidden out in the far corners of Wyoming. However, there are legends of alien visitors, UFO's and other mysterious beings.

Please... Don't Feed the Computer

Many years ago John submitted articles to a local magazine called "Computer Edge". One of the articles that was accepted and paid for was Please... Don't Feed the Computer. The article was an early glimpse into John's quirky humor. I'd like to share this article so that readers can get another taste of his writing style.

"Doing the E.T. Tango" - Introducing Charlie Ruffin

The main characters, Bill Regal and Ellen Goodwin were introduced in the first chapter of the book but they aren't the only ones trying to find aliens. The following is a short description of Charlie Ruffin, a software developer/hacker who joins the team in their quest for proof of alien life.