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August 12 - Time Off

While I am taking some time off from writing blog posts, it seems appropriate to post pictures associated with taking time off. Enjoy the pictures and hope you are having a good summer!
View of camper on highway in desert with mountains in background and a rainstorm overhead

July 26 - Transformation

Comet Neowise in the sky at sunset

Last week I took a break from work, to rest up and clear my mind. Every now and then I need time off to reset and review things in my life. Part of the review this time involved my writing and a desire for change, for some type of transformation. I realized that I’m ready for a shift in the type of writing I do. I’ve enjoyed writing short stories over the last few months while I’ve struggled on these bi-weekly blogs.

June 3 - D-Day

Looking up at the flight deck of the USS Midway museum from the street in San Diego

June is a month of weddings, the start of summer and a season of travel. It is also a month when the world hung in balance many years ago as the world united to fight a common menace. D-Day occurs this month, and there are still veterans who help us to celebrate that beginning of victory.

May 20 - Tax Day

While the year continues to march on, the after affects of the pandemic also continue. One change, again, is that tax day was moved to May. COVID cases are dropping and people are starting to venture out and gradually perform the activities that have been on hold for the last year.

Closeup of calculator laying on a desktop