Yellow leaves on a tree swaying in the wind 

After several months of writing about computers and business, I am ready for a break. I've enjoyed a change of pace, especially since I felt that my writing was becoming repetitive for my topics. However, I also like a change of pace and writing about the seasons and daily life is easier for me.

As the holiday season is starting, it feels like the last holiday season was just a few weeks ago. For some reason the year 2022 has flown by and months seem to pass like weeks while weeks pass like days. In some ways it feels like it is still early fall even as temperatures drop and there are reports of snow storms in other parts of the country.

Closeup of green leaf with spots of red color, turning color in the fall

I enjoy seeing the colors change for the leaves and I am enjoying the cooler weather after a summer with some very hot days. The sunlight this time of year brings an extra glow to the golden leaves of the cottonwoods as they shift in the wind and rustle before they drop to the ground below.

Top of cottonwood tree, with mixed green and yellow leaves for autumn

There are holiday lights on the houses, adding a bright spot as I drive home from work in the dark. I think I see more houses with lights and all of the city lights seem special this time of year. Something about the cold, crisp air and the glow of green and red of traffic lights with a background of street lights that speaks of safety against the cold of winter. When the Christmas lights are added, small beacons of light surrounding the houses, it makes the season special.

Have a good holiday season and remember to take time to see and hear the sights and sounds of the season.

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