Picture of the roof of a house, in daytime, with white Christmas Lights hung on the eaves. A tree is in the background and there are vents visible on the side of the house.

The year is slowly winding down, the days grow shorter and the nights longer. No matter what people are doing, many are ready for a break from work, from routine, from school, from all of the daily activities that normally occupy our time.

Using the word break is an interesting choice, when looking at the possible meanings. Most of the time break means that something is not working and it needs repair. It seems odd to use the word to describe holidays, vacation and other times when we don't follow our normal routines. There is an implication that the holidays are breaking our routines and they will need to be repaired. Yet we look at this type of break in a positive way, something to look forward as we change and try new things.

A closeup view of several different round Christmas ornaments, with a light shining above them.

In my life there are changes occurring, breaks in my routine, that are uncomfortable and uncertain. It feels like things are broken, and some type of repair is needed. It's hard to look at the other meaning, to see that change is occurring and providing a respite from normalcy that might be beneficial. My day job is changing and I experience uncertainty on what the final result will be.  From past experience I can see that things will eventually improve and these breaks are meant to restore not destroy. However, in the short term, I can experience periods where it feels like things are broken and repair seems far away.

A close up view of a Christmas tree, with a light and several ornaments hung on the branches

I hope that everyone has a pleasant break from their routines during this holiday season. May you find light and rest as we all mark the days of winter.

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