John M. Harpster Bio and Bibliography

John M. Harpster was born in Ft. Worth, Texas and raised in Arlington. After several years of odd jobs, he went back to college and got his bachelor's degree in Computer Science from California State University in Northridge, CA. His first job after college was in Fort Worth, Texas at General Dynamics. He met and started dating Tamara Stensland, also a software engineer at General Dynamics, and they were married in Dallas, Texas. Before the birth of their son he wrote articles for a computer magazine but put that aside when he became the father of an autistic boy. He and his family live in Lakeside, California with their son John.

John returned to writing with his debut book of the Dancing with the Universe Series, “Doing the E.T. Tango”. He is working on additional books for the Dancing with the Universe series and other ideas. He is currently writing on other books, including another satire called "Elijah". He is also building a wooden robot that he can put in the front seat of his car to enable him to drive in the HOV lanes on the freeway.