The end of October is nearly here and we are quickly approaching my favorite day of the year. No, not Halloween, the day I’m waiting for is the end of Daylight Savings Time, yay! I look forward to the increase in natural light in the early morning which will aid me in getting up to face the day. I have enough problem getting out of bed in winter, aka the Sleeping Season, so anything that helps me get up in the morning is mostly welcome. At least until a hibernation season is declared so we can all catch up on our sleep in January.

Pumpkin on table

In the meantime, we have decorated the house for Halloween. As I look out my window this evening, the full moon has just risen above the hills, creating an eerie light outside. Apparently holiday scheduling messed up this year and scheduled the full moon a week early. Maybe next year the moon will make an appearance at the right time for a spooky Halloween.

I’m also thinking about the other holidays that will arrive all too soon. First Thanksgiving, or as I call it, “Start of the Eating Season”, followed by Christmas and New Year’s, aka the “End of the Eating Season”. Or perhaps “Start of Losing Weight Gained During the Eating Season”, depending on whether you prefer to end things or start them new.

Miniatures - Street decorated for Christmas with figurines

With everything that is going on, perhaps it’s a good time to laugh instead. Take some time to laugh at the silliness of dressing up for one day of the year or the need to rush through the holidays, running pell-mell towards the next biggest thing while ignoring the wonder of a full moon lighting up the sky and children dressed up in costume. I know I’ve been taking myself too seriously lately, tonight I am reminded that a good belly laugh wouldn’t be out of place. If more people laughed at their own silliness and laughed with others, the world might look a bit less grim.
In the meantime, time to see the young ones dressed up in costume, and share in their delight at this bit of make believe before moving on to the next set of holidays. Have a Happy Halloween, relish the extra sleep when daylight savings ends, and may you find delight and child like wonder in the holiday season.

Halloween decoration - Vampire

Pictures by J.T. Harpster