Tamara Harpster Bio and Bibliography

Tamara Harpster was born December 5, 1962, which is also Walt Disney’s birthday and the day Mozart died, two facts she has been trying to reconcile ever since she found them out. Her childhood was spent in various cities in the Midwest as her family moved around for her father’s job. After graduating from Oklahoma State University she got her first job and met her husband to be on her first project. They married a year later and are still together some 30 years later. In that time she has been a software engineer, motel owner/manager, web developer, project manager and is currently part owner of another small business. In her spare time she works with her husband John to polish up his novels, and do her own writing for blog entries and essays. She is working on a fantasy series “Hero Lottery” and a science fiction novel “Year 2038 Bug”. The book “Year 2038 Bug” will be published as a serial on their website.