Fallen leaves on the ground around a tree trunk

All of the leaves have fallen
Well, except for the oak, the eucalyptus, mistletoe,
The lemonade berry bush and of course the pine trees.
Although there are a lot of pine needles on the ground

A clump of mistletoe hanging from the branch of a sycamore tree

Now there is room for spring,
A good thing since Spring is elbowing her way in
Rushing in to take the place of

Over looking a pond with dried brush and bare trees around it

Winter is still here, the cold, the wet
Not ready to move aside
Holding steady in spite of the new
Leaves, the wild flowers blooming while
Gray skies and blustery weather surround them

Close up of ceanothus  bloomsClose up of  ceanothus  blooms

Even fall doesn’t want to let go,
Some colored leaves holding on for
Dear life while the days grew
Shorter and now Longer again

Looking up at a sycamore tree that only has a few leaves on the branches

Only summer is missing
Perhaps on some break at the
Equator, warm sun and growth
Fertility waiting for the right moment.

New buds and leaves on a sycamore tree

Yet, summer came back, for a quick visit
Record high temperatures but the cold of
Night was too much so summer went back to
Vacation, not as eager to crowd in
With the others.

Looking up at an oak tree, framed by blue sky

Like so many things, there are no
Clear lines, boundaries set up between the
A mixing of everything, all at once
Confusion and chaos, forcing a
Search for the season

Looking up at a pine tree with blue sky as background

I’ll take a jacket today,
For the cold sunlight and the
Warm breeze.
The leaves have all fallen
While winter tightens its grasp.
Spring will be brushed back
For a while…