Looking up a pine tree, a close up view of the rough bark. Branches stretching from the main trunk appear periodically.

It is a rainy evening out, our version of winter weather. Meanwhile, our house is cozy, with a Christmas tree and presents, food ready for a big meal, errands finished for the day and a warm glow from the Christmas lights. Many years ago, I would have taken this feeling of ease and comfort for granted and expected more from the holidays. Some special gift or a holiday meal with family with all of the family traditions performed perfectly. And some how I would seem to find a way to not be satisfied with the perfect gift, tradition or family gathering.

A set of reading glasses sitting on a wooden surface

Now that I am older, I take pleasure in these small things and I am slowly learning to enjoy living in the moment. Instead of using my time wanting the next best thing, I gradually work on satisfaction with the here and now. I can be a slow learner at times, hopefully I will do better in the future in these lessons.

The handle of a cane leaning against a wall

The color pictures are for the theme of growing older. I have included one Christmas picture, an old one passed down in the family. A note on the back says it is a pre-1900 Christmas tree. I don’t know if it is,  I thought others might like to see a memento of a past Christmas.

A black and white picture of a Christmas tree strung with popcorn strings, with two old fashioned baby doll carriages at the bottom of the tree

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Joyous Yuletide!

Color pictures by J.T. Harpster.

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