March 15 - Measurements

Measurements are what we use to track success, failure, progress and other parts of our life. The usefulness of a measurement is dependent on choosing the right way to measure an item, activity or event. Using a ruler to weight a piece of paper  sounds nonsensical if we report “This piece of paper weighs 8.5 inches by 11 inches!”. We expect to hear “The piece of paper weighs .16 ounces” or “The paper weighs 4.536 grams”.

December 6 - St. Nicholas Day

Saint Nicholas is associated with the Christmas celebration, however, his day of celebration occurs earlier in December. He became associated with generosity and children and eventually connected with traditions in the winter season. Over the centuries, his name shifted to Santa Claus and became associated with Christmas and gift giving. Based on historical research, there is evidence that St. Nicholas of Myra did live and was an early bishop of the church in Greece.

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