"Doing the E.T. Tango" - Introducing Charlie Ruffin

The main characters, Bill Regal and Ellen Goodwin were introduced in the first chapter of the book but they aren't the only ones trying to find aliens. The following is a short description of Charlie Ruffin, a software developer/hacker who joins the team in their quest for proof of alien life.

Chapter 1 from "Doing the E.T. Tango: Dancing with the Universe"

Since John's Book Doing the E.T. Tango: Dancing with the Universe is his first published book we want to provide some content to allow readers to decide if the book is a good fit for their interests. Over the next few weeks we will be publishing chapters from the book, information about the the area around where the story takes place and some early samples of John's writing. To get things started, here is Chapter 1 Looking for Bill.

Release Date of November 26, 2014 for the eBook "Doing the E.T. Tango: Dancing with the Universe"

We are proud to announce the release date of November 26, 2014  for the eBook, Doing the E.T. Tango: Dancing with the Universe. It has been a long learning experience for both of us, creating, editing and self publishing a book. Our journey continues since we want to publish a print version and expand our distribution from Amazon to other websites and eventually book stores. This release is the first step in our publishing and marketing efforts and we would like to ask your help in letting others know about this book.

Filtering Facebook Content Using Friends Lists

I have noticed comments about the quality, or lack thereof, of posts on Facebook. Over time I have used a combination of Facebook and browser tools to improve the quality of posts I see in my Facebook Newsfeed.  This is the first article, which describes how you see posts that you want instead of what Facebook, and their advertisers want you to see. I know that I get tired of seeing posts with links to articles such as  “A List Of 21 Things That We Want You To Scan Over While We Display Ads On The Side!!” or “Take This Quiz To Find Out What Kind Of Advertising We Should Push Out To You.” The information in this article is current as of August 2014.

Eating Well Links

Here are some links I found about finding foods produced locally, guides for eating better and information for those who are interested in improving their diet.

Future Plans

After some years of retirement John has decided to start writing with his debut book of “Dancing with the Universe”. He is currently writing on other books, including another satire called “Elijah” and one about his life raising and teaching his autistic son. This book will focus on John and Tamara’s belief that a one-on-one relationship is one of the keys to working with autistic children. The purpose of the book is to share our family’s experience in dealing with autism when so little information was known and the outcome was grim.


The First Step...

This is Tamara, part owner of Shell Creek Publishing. I am slowly getting things set up to promote John's book, "Dancing with the Universe". We have decided to go with the self publishing route and to work on marketing this book and the others to come on the web. A Facebook page has been setup at Shell Creek Books. After many months it is fun to start to see the pieces come together. I have no idea how well we will do but I will certainly have learned a lot in the process.

Welcome To Shell Creek Publishing.

Shell Creek Publishing is the business side for publishing and promoting books authored by John and Tamara Harpster. John’s books are light hearted satires that take a different look at life in the USA.  Tamara writes essays for the site and is working on a fantasy novel. Our published books are meant to provide a good read at a good value for our readers and we look forward to creating more novels in the future.