December 3 - Winter/Cold Weather

The official start of winter is approaching, the days gradually changing from autumn to the next season. Colder temperatures, shorter days, in a time when many prepare for celebrations of upcoming holidays. This year so much of that has changed, I suspect many may find it difficult to plan for festivities. This has been a year to gain a better understanding of uncertainty about our routines, work, school, shopping, social lives and our health. We’ve taken for granted a level of control over our lives that was suddenly yanked away by outside forces.

Labor Day - Patreon Announcement

  Today is a holiday and I’ve enjoyed a break from work. An odd break this year, it meant that I didn’t feel obligated to check work email while I’m at home, but it is a break from the normal routine. I’m also grateful that our temperatures have dropped down to just hot summer temperatures. After the readings I’ve seen on our outdoor thermometer, I thought I might need to get a block of ice to tape to the outside sensor so it wouldn’t melt.

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