Patriot Day and Service

The holiday this week is Patriot Day for September 11th. Over the last few years, as I’ve observed problem over the last few years, I have wondered if I have done enough of service for my community.  I have started helping out with the local autism society and sharing our family experiences with other parents of autistic children. Sometimes it seems like a small thing, but I occasionally get comments that my information has helped.

9/11 fire truck from FDNY

World Emoji Day, National Hot Dog day and Having Patience

This week has the holidays National Hot Dog Day and World Emoji day, so my son took pictures as part of our celebration. Emoji’s are an interesting addition to language and communication, if used like a seasoning, in smaller doses. However, some people feel they need ALL OF THE EMOJIs and post accordingly. Or perhaps I’m just getting old and suspicious of this new development. I’m much more comfortable with hot dogs, although I don’t eat them much anymore. Too much salt and other things that cause me to regret my decision later on.

Fourth of July 2019

This last weekend, I drove on a back road through the hills to visit my hairdresser for a haircut. While I drove, I noticed the lush green of the trees, fuller than they were a few weeks ago. The bushes were larger and crowded, filling the empty space in the hills, and adding to the impression of a richness of the growing season. I realized that in the last few weeks spring had fully switched over to summer.

Fireworks on 4th of July

Summer Thoughts in 2019

The official start of summer is almost here although we are still enjoying moderate weather in San Diego. Our moderate weather included rain, which is very unusual for June. Not a rainstorm, more drizzle than downpour, but the streets and sidewalks were wet when I drove to work earlier this week.

Closeups and the Power of Thank You

The last couple of weeks have been busy but I have taken a few moments here and there to enjoy the moment. Our weather is sunnier now and my sinuses are improving as well. I have had a couple of good workouts and enjoyed a walk on our trail. The yellow flowers are fading out and purple/violet is the strong theme for wild flowers. So far, my plants are surviving and the rabbits and squirrels haven’t eaten them yet. I planted marigolds on the edges of my gardens, I think they are helping to keep them away. Something to remember for future gardening.

Thoughts About Winners, Memorial Day

The end of May is approaching and the days are getting longer. We have had a few glimpses of summer but right now the weather is cloudy and there is even some rain. I took advantage of the cooler weather to plant some vegetables and flowers. I also planted some ground cover and I’m crossing my fingers that it will grow in the rocky soil around our house. There was some type of squash growing our compost pile that I moved out into a garden bed, curious to see if it survives and what kind of vegetable it produces.

Family and Friends

With the start of May, spring continues, although not in the idealized, mild, sunny days often pictured in stories. We are experiencing a typical San Diego spring, or ‘May Gray’ as it is called. The days have been overcast, we’ve even had some rain, which is grayer than normal. However, I am not in a hurry for hot temperatures, so I’ll make do with cloudy days and enjoy the sun when it peeps out for bit. While it is spring time, the pictures are for the theme of family. It is always interesting to see the pictures my son picks out for these themes, even if I don't stay on topic for them.

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