Year 2038 Bug

Articles associated with the Year 2038 Bug novel, published serially.

Notes on Writing: Repetition

For this installment of The Year 2038 Bug I am a week late on finishing up this chapter. I did finish the initial draft last week but I ran out of steam before I edited the content. For those with an eye for detail, I suspect you wonder if any editing occurs before I publish these chapters. I assure you that it does but it is very light and meant to catch large mistakes. So, standard warning, this is a book in progress and the text may or may not be included in the final version of the book.

San Diego - Morning of January 20 2038

Deidre rolled over, snuggling under the covers, only half-awake as she tucked the pillow under her head. She thought, “I should get up and fix coffee,” but only pulled the covers further up. The room was chilly and she wasn’t ready to brave the cold quite yet. Maybe if she waited long enough Roberto would get up to fix the coffee.

Notes on Writing Links

WHile publishing this book I am writing a series of articles, Notes on Writing that provide some background about my writing process. Here are links to all of those articles in the order they were published.

Notes on Writing: How I Built the Idea for the "Year 2038 Bug" Story

Notes on Writing: Character Development for the "Year 2038 Bug" Story

Notes on Writing: The Antagonist for the Story

Notes on Writing: Writing a Character I Don’t Like

Denver, Colorado - June 22, 2028, 8:15 PM MDT

The orange and purple of the sunset was slowly fading in the west over the Rockies. Jake took a puff of his e-cig, and then blew out the smoke. At least he didn’t have to worry about light from e-cig during blackout conditions. It also wasn’t dark enough to allow infrared vision to pick up the heat from the e-cig and the smoke. He inhaled again and regretfully put his e-cig away, it was time to get back to work. He took one more look at the sunset before heading back to the Shack.

Notes on Writing: How Not to Outline a Book

The latest chapter for the Year 2038 Bug is up on the website so time for another set of notes about my writing. This time I’m answering a question about how I plan my writing and the books I work.

The short answer is that I don’t plan or outline my book, I just let the words flow until they run out. However, I do have a climactic scene in mind as I write and a lot of what I do is find out how my characters ended up at that point.

Notes on Writing: Story Background

This will be a short note, it is getting late and I need my sleep. I have finished up the initial section of the book which presents the main characters and the initial story. This next section is made up of flashbacks for the main characters and provides some background for ideas that I describe in the first section and will continue to use in the rest of the book.

Denver - 19:45:43 7 Jun 2019 UTC/1:45 PM MST

The summer sun lit up the room as it shone through the window. The light was clear today, with no gray, smoggy coloring. Outside, the Rockies would be seen clearly with a clear blue sky above them. Snow still dotted the hills from a late May snow storm, but there was not a lot left. Marie bent over a notebook on her lap, reviewing her writing and occasionally marking things up for future edits. She occasionally glanced at a monitor on the desk next to her, but her attention was focused on her review.

Notes on Writing: Writing a Character I Don’t Like

My note will be short this time, my blog buffer is low so I’ve been writing the next chapter instead of working on this article. This chapter introduces Brian Wilson, who is Deidre’s father. He and Deidre are estranged but Brian still tries to watch over her. The Year 2038 bug will remove those tools and he will have to find other means to keep an eye on his daughter and grandson.

Tulsa Oklahoma - 03:05:00 19 Jan 2038 UTC /21:05:00 18 Jan 2038 CST

A slight glow filled the room from the monitor screens. The images were reflected in his glasses as he moved his head, first showing server data from Europe, than a live webcam feed from Hawaii. The monitors were mounted all the way to the ceiling and out to several feet beyond his desk. On the left wall, he paused at the report on DNS outages, then his eyes caught a change in the count of trusted systems versus untrusted. Over in the right side of his desk, at eye level, his gaze rested a video camera feed. The video showed a living room with a closed door.

Notes on Writing: How I Built the Idea for the "Year 2038 Bug" Story

I am publishing the second chapter of my serial book, “Year 2038 Bug”, you can find it at the link included below. In this chapter, I introduce the character Jake, a software developer in San Jose. He and his roommate and coworker are monitoring servers for problems with the Year 2038 bug when things don’t go as expected.